What’s in it for Members?  Members will get to enjoy the premium service they deserve, while continuing to provide, insightful, honest, and valuable reviews to other customers.

What’s in it for Small Businesses? Our strict system of reviewer identification helps insure that businesses do not miss out on new customers (or loyal customers) because of poor service or negative reviews, written by dissatisfied customers.  Review identification helps businesses ensure a standard of quality service for all patrons, whether they hold a ReviewerCard or not.  

Our Philosophy: At ReviewerCard, we are on a mission to empower reviewers and protect small businesses. Simple as that. We understand that reviewers are extremely valuable and the often unsung heroes of small businesses. We developed ReviewerCard to make it easier to connect these reviewers with the restaurants, hotels and service providers their fellow reviewers love, while also giving businesses the opportunity to protect themselves from potential loss of customers.