ReviewerCard was created by Brad Newman and was a result of experiences he had traveling the world.  One experience, while in Aix En Provence, France was the tipping-point that inspired him to create the ReviewerCard.

For the record, Brad loves Aix and this particular experience was the result of one rude waiter at a popular cafe.  Brad ordered the “Rapido Breakfast”, which usually comes with a croissant, orange juice and black tea.  Brad kindly requested green tea instead of black, although the waiter refused to accommodate him.  After numerous requests, the waiter finally brought green tea and then proceeded to drop a bill with a significant fee for the tea switch.  Once Brad commented on how appalled he was at the service and that he would promptly write a review as soon as he returned to his hotel room, the manager and waiter came over and offered their sincerest apologies.  They comped the breakfast and begged him to come back throughout his stay.  Brad believes this was only the result of mentioning he was going to review their business online.

This got Brad thinking about the power that reviewers have on a daily basis.  In turn, the ReviewerCard is meant to provide active reviewers with better experiences wherever they are in the world.